Unsterbliche: S

Status Bild Name Erster Auftritt
Status: Tot Xavier St. Cloud Xavier St. Cloud H-15: For Tomorrow We Die
Status: Tot Luke Sarsfield Luke Sarsfield H-96: Little Tin God
Status: Unbekannt Sean Sean R-21: War and Peace
Status: Tot Pierre Segur Pierre Segur H-42: Prodigal Son
Status: Tot Carlo Sendaro Carlo Sendaro H-17: Saving Grace
Status: Tot Senghi Khan Senghi Khan Highlander III
Status: Tot Mei-Ling Shen Mei-Ling Shen H-56: They Also Serve
Status: Tot Silas Silas H-99: Comes a Horseman
Status: Tot Cordelia Stanton Cordelia Stanton H-56: They Also Serve
Status: Tot Thomas Sullivan Thomas Sullivan H-33: The Fighter